Installations + Exhibitions > After Today, Gallery 400, UIC, Chicago IL 2015


Amanda Williams In the Darkness that Pervades Us, these Beacons will be Colored to Guide Us, 2015
Paper, graphite, grease pencil, tape, paint
Dimensions variable
Courtesy the artist

Orange latex house paint on column
Courtesy the artist

“[J.R.] Fleming says foreclosed, bank-owned homes with unrecorded property deeds are another way buildings become ‘zombie properties,’ typically a term for properties that banks walk away from without ever completing the foreclosure process. The same banks that pushed people out of their homes can step in to claim these homes as soon as it becomes convenient (or profitable)—leaving them vacant and abandoned for as long as that day takes to arrive. ‘There are years between eviction and the bank putting things up for sale,’ Fleming says.”
—John Gamino, “Vacant and Abandoned,” The South Side Weekly, April 14, 2015

As an iteration of the Color(ed) Theory project, this installation makes reference to Williams’ 1:1 scale architectural painting of abandoned homes throughout Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. The culturally coded colors selected from Williams’ palette, including, Harold’s Chicken, Ultra Sheen, Pink Oil Moisturizer, and Currency Exchange, combine her academic training with her lived sensibility. In marking these houses with colors that are embedded in a symbolic and shared Black nostalgia of the South Side landscape, this project is a straightforward way to mark current issues in this moment in time.

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